From Isolation to Participation...

Dharmistha lost her vision at age 14, while studying in the 9th standard. She thought that she could not continue studying and dropped out of school.


Zest of Life for a Mentally Retarded Child...

Rahim joined our Residential Care Centre with Cerebral Palsy and Mental Retardation. His recognition and language skills were quite poor.


Rehabilitation of a Cerebral Palsy child...

Kasim is a seven-year-old boy who suffers from Cerebral Palsy. Before coming to AKT, he could neither stand nor walk, and also had significant speech problems.




     Programmes & Activities of AKTrust


The Andhjan Kalyan Trust runs various activities and programmes offering specialized training programmes both for disabled clients and for professionals working in the field of disability. Brief description of the different activities of the organization are as follows :

It is a well known fact that computers have become common place in our lives. Keeping this important aspect in mind, the ANDHJAN KALYAN TRUST has been running a Computer Education Centre for the Visually Impaired at Dhoraji. Technology can enable the visually impaired students to become active learners in the classroom along with their sighted peers. So that the visually impaired students also acquire the skills in the use of the same, which would then enable them to seek Higher Education, make a suitable career in the field of Information Technology and also help them to get appropriate job. The centre also concentrates to train visually impaired on the concept of Windows, Word Processing, Internet, E-mail, Spread-Sheets, etc. With the advent of Text to Speech Technology computers have become accessible too persons with vision impairment. Here in the Centre, With the help of computers with speech synthesizers, students with vision impairment doing higher studies are becoming independent in all their reading and writing needs.

Special classes on computers are also held for blind and low vision students as well as employees. This is with the goal of making the technology affordable and easily available. We also provide opportunities to blind persons to get hands on experience of latest technology. Computer literacy is giving the blind and low vision personís new professional opportunities, enhancing their status at their present jobs, and also giving them additional proficiency and confidence at work.


The innovative Resource Centre set-up at the organization's premises contains highly specialized devices and equipments to facilitate the education of the disabled children. It offers them an opportunity to learn difficult subjects in an easier way. It also provides them recreational and educational environment.


In a country like India, not even half % books are converted into accessible formats for persons with blindness. Andhjan Kalyan Trust has started the production of DAISY Digital Talking books at Dhoraji to cater to the demands of persons with blindness or low vision in Gujarat state in Gujarati, Hindi and English languages. Once a book is produced as talking book, it takes only 15 rupees to create further copies of this book for distribution. Organization has engaged readers, proof readers & audio editing persons for talking book production.

Recording in Digital Access Information System known as (DAISY), provides a unique navigational system through which a reader can easily and quickly, access the material not only chapter wise, section wise or subsection wise, but also page wise. In other words he/she can reach the required heading/page/section almost effortlessly within no time. This system is economical as well as portable. These recorded books can be preserved for an unlimited period and can also be upgraded easily. These books are produced on CDs and can be read on mp3 players, mobile phones or on the computer. These can be transmitted over the internet too.


The centre for Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and persons with Multiple Disabilities is designed to provide medical, Therapeutical, recreational and educational services to the severely disabled children unable to commute daily. These children stay at the centre round the clock and trained special educator, therapist provides them these services with care and caution. At present, 30 No. of such children are given lodging and boarding facilities along with learning environment at the centre. Both these centers are supported by the National Trust for the Welfare of persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and Multiple Disabilities-Delhi.


Andhjan Kalyan Trust has been recognized as a computer training and examination center for the government blind & disabled officer and employees for the Course on Computer Concept (CCC & CCC+) by the government of Gujarat resolution dated 29/03/2010 for the Saurastra Region. During this year:

  • 87 blind teachers  trained and passed in Course on Computer Concept (CCC)

  • 05 blind officers trained and passed in Course on Computer Concept (CCC+)


  The physiotherapy center is also run by the trust under the Day Care Centre, Dhoraji.    Physiotherapist is giving the treatment of physiotherapy-exercises etc. who need it like, C.P. child, paralysis affected children and people. In this centre, physiotherapist deals with children's treatment with physical modalities like heat, cold and current for accelerating the beneficiaries' recovery from injuries and diseases, which have altered his normal way of living. The different electrical modalities used in this centre are short-wave diathermy, interventional therapy, electric muscle stimulator, ultra sound, lumber traction etc. Patients with various problems like muscle-skeletal disorders, nervous system disorders, cognition and psychomotor disorders and other injuries, mental health disorders, cerebral palsy, polio, arthritis, hemiplegics patients are taking the benefits of this centre.


This project has identified 23 deaf-blind persons. Some children are being provided direct services at the care centre while the others are provided home based services. The centre provides need-based training to deaf-blind persons like speech therapy, sensory training, palm reading, Braille reading and writing, orientation and mobility, activities of daily living skills etc. The Project is supported by Sense International (India) and Blind People's Association, Ahmedabad.


To avail the opportunities of meaningful employment to the disabled, the organization gives vocational and educational counseling to the clientele and also helps them to get vocational training in various fields. Such needy persons are referred to the governmental and non-governmental agencies for the employment. Efficient disabled are also advised and encouraged to pursue self-employment.


The organization organizes sports meet, musical programs and cultural programs at regular basis for these purposes. The enthusiastic disable children are trained in various events and are availed opportunities to show their best at various competitions. Different types of sports, game equipments are available for the beneficiaries at the premises of the organization.


Disabled children are given counseling with a view to enabling them to provide effective support and guidance in the upbringing and minimizing the disability of the child. They are also advised to choose right educational career of the children. For these purpose, the organization holds a parent-counseling program every year. In the matters of day to day living and schooling besides parents, teachers and headmasters of the normal schools are given counseling, family members of the aged, disabled extremely needy proper guidance and counseling the organization also makes arrangements for their requirement.


The organization extends regular guidance and assistance to badly needy disabled clients who approach the organization for getting the benefit of different governmental and non-governmental schemes offering them financial assistance, scholarships and concessions. The organization also provides them educational, Aids and Appliances like Tape Recorder, Recorded Audio Cassettes, Braille Text Book, Braille Equipments etc. to the Blinds and Artificial Limbs, Wheel Chair, Crutches, C.P. Chair, Tri-cycle, Learning Aids etc. to the other needy disabled people without any discrimination of caste, creed or sex.


Equality and full participation in the socio-economic and political life of the country is the right of every disabled person with this perspective; the Andhjan Kalyan Trust-Dhoraji has been engaged in social activism in order to counter discrimination against the disabled. The organization constantly takes up at all levels the specific grievances of the disabled people, relating to denial of opportunities. The issue of discrimination against the disabled has led to the presentation of petitions to the judiciary bodies like the chief commissioner or commissioner for disabilities.

We Andhjan Kalyan Trust are determined to build up a discrimination free environment for the disabled people in society not only through Judicial Activism but also by enhancing general awareness in the Saurashtra region in day-to-day life.

We welcome your kind co-operation and active support to the genuine cause of the welfare of the disabled, as you are our well-wisher friend and donor, we request you to contribute to our on going efforts in the form of cash, kind and services for their upliftment and all-round development.

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